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Where we started:

In 1996 Nigel May-Brown was driving along a dark country road with young daughter Sarah and they came across a warning triangle in the road.“What’s that Daddy?” asked ever curious Sarah.

As Nigel was explaining they came across a woman in a dark coat standing by a broken down car. Sarah commented  “That triangle should be on the lady not on the road”.

This was the inspiration for the Safety Reflectives company and in the past twelve years Nigel has supplied reflective jackets to road safety organisations, schools, clubs and business throughout the UK. He has been supported by LARSOA (Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association) who have purchased product as have road safety charity and the RAC.

A new service worked very well for York solicitors Ware & Kay (2007)

They supplied the city council with two thousand high visibility tabards with their logo for a cycle safety program. Apart from widespread publicity it was not possible to go anywhere in the city without seeing the company’s name.

Surrey solicitors Howell-Jones then ran a similar project with their county council.

Partner Elizabeth Leah commented at the time “Safety Reflectives have done much more than just supply us with reflective jackets. Nigel found the contact at the council, set up the meetings, helped us with the marketing, advised on design and made suggestions for our press releases”. Its a complete service.

Safety Reflectives Ltd specialises in high visibility roadside safety products.

We are based in Derbyshire with low overheads enabling us to provide competitive prices for EU standard quality reflective garments. Adult high visibility waistcoats and children high visibility vest can be supplied for under £2.

Another low cost, but critical item for all motorists is have in their car is a number of silver foil “Life” thermal blanket. A great help for emergency situations and essential if your ever stranded in your car and they are less than £1 each.

Safesacs reflective bags and the On The Spot incident report kit are unique to our company.

We supply fleet managers and LARSOA safety officers throughout the UK.

Nigel May-Brown will give prompt personal attention to all enquiries and offers the promise that “If I can’t supply it I will find you someone who can !“.

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